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Andrea Schmittling receives Golden Apple Award

Andrea Schmittling receives Golden Apple Award
Andrea Schmittling smiling at the camera

Andrea Schmittling, a crossing guard at Keith Elementary, received a Golden Apple Award at the May 4, 2023 Board of Education meeting. Although her nominator wished to remain anonymous, Andrea was nominated because she works hard daily to keep ALL children safe.

Andrea is a positive role model for others by working so hard and going above and beyond each and every day. She makes efforts to know all of the students and families she crosses by name and truly cares deeply for their safety. Andrea has worked with the West Bloomfield Police Department to ensure she is doing all she can do to keep students safe. She arrives at her post early, uses all of the safety equipment and got permission from police, who trained her, to also use a cone in the road to stop traffic from turning when they shouldn't.      

“I wanted to make sure the crossing guard at the intersection of Keith and Commerce roads gets the recognition she deserves," said the annonymous parent. "We honestly saw her save a little boy’s life after school." 

"We were in our car on Keith at the light," explained the parent. "Our light was fully green and the crossing guard started walking out with her stop sign. The little boy, who was the only one crossing at the time, started to run ahead as (kids) always do. She grabbed his backpack just in time and pulled him back into the snow pile as an SUV going West on Commerce completely blew its red light and didn’t even slow down. I wanted someone to know that if it weren’t for the crossing guard being so alert, and her quick grabbing of his backpack, the worst would 100% have happened. I cried the rest of the way home. My husband suggested I send an email so someone can let this woman know she’s a hero.”