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Kirsten Woodby receives Golden Apple award

Kirsten Woodby receives Golden Apple award
Kirsten Woodby Smiling at the camera.

Kirsten Woodby, parent volunteer at Keith Elementary, received a Golden Apple award at the June 1, 2023 Board of Education meeting.  She was nominated by Nashella Zarek, teacher at Keith, because she gives selflessly to both our school and the entire district. She volunteers in many capacities at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Her hard work ethic and positivity are inspring!

Kirsten is the utmost professional when it comes to volunteering. She tackles every job with a smile on her face, and a positive attitude. She is wholly committed to doing everything she possibly can to be of assistance to our school and our district. She has spent so much time volunteering that she knows many of the students throughout the school by name and has special relationships with them.

Kirsten has such a positive attitude. She is a problem solver and an exceptionally hard worker. She creates excellent relationships and is always cheerful and friendly with everyone she comes into contact with. She puts 100% into everything she does.

Kirsten puts a great deal of thought into her work. When organizing our literacy library, she talked with several staff members about what they liked and did not like about the current set up of the library. Her thoughtful approach to tackling projects makes them well-planned. Kirsten takes ideas from others, then processes that information to figure out the best way to move forward with a project.

Kirsten is the definition of self-motivated! When working on a project, she spends countless hours at school and does not stop until her task is completed. She often takes materials home to work on them in the evenings and on weekends. Kirsten singlehandedly unpacked and organized our entire literacy library after our building remodel, which was not an easy task! She did this in addition to the countless other volunteer projects and organizations for which she volunteers.

“Kirsten is amazing and has given so much time, effort, and energy to our teachers and our school that she simply must be recognized for her efforts; although, she is so humble by nature and would never seek recognition," said Keith principal Dr. Marci Augenstein. "Kirsten helps because she sees the need and can. She is an outstanding parent volunteer, and we are beyond thankful for her support and contributions to making our school community a wonderful place for teachers and students.”