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William Rayburn receives Golden Apple Award

William Rayburn receives Golden Apple Award
William Rayburn smiling at the camera

William Rayburn, a cross categorical teacher at Keith Elementary, received a Golden Apple Award at the May 4, 2023 Board of Education meeting. He was previously a paraprofessional at Keith and was recently hired to be a full time teacher. William was nominated by Lisa Brewer, a 5th teacher at Keith, because he engages with all of our students and always goes the extra mile to make meaningful connections with them. He has a heart for those kids who find school difficult, and lets them know they have a person they can count on at Keith.

William always comes to work with a positive attitude. He uses his great sense of humor to engage with students and staff. He is able to handle conflict with students calmly while displaying a sincere interest in their well-being. William seeks new ideas by attending training when necessary. He works collaboratively with staff in order to meet students' academic and emotional needs. He is self motivated by the desire to meaningfully connect with all of our students, not just the students in the classroom he is assigned to.

William goes above and beyond each day. He is driven by the desire to connect with students and be a positive influence in their lives. He also makes a very concerted effort to maintain relationships with students he worked with in the past. He has even volunteered to give up his own break time in order to spend time with students who may benefit from his support. The students at Keith ADORE Mr. Rayburn!

"William Rayburn is an outstanding teacher at Keith elementary school," said Keith Elementary principal, Marci Augenstein. "He is hardworking and dedicated to his students, he always goes above and beyond, and is willing to support our students, the teachers, and his colleagues with anything.” 

“(William's) positivity and outlook supports our vision and mission at Keith," added Augenstein. "It is evident to me that William Rayburn has an amazing impact on all around him, and I remain beyond thankful to have this opportunity to work with him for our students at Keith.”